Have a Need to Know ?

Here’s Some Info!

1. Is Fiber Jewelry durable?

Yes, under normal circumstances my fiber jewelry is very durable.  I use a bonded nylon cord in creating the framework and cords (filler within the frame may be another type of fiber).  The nylon cord is very strong.  With reasonable care fiber jewelry should provide many years of enjoyment even with daily wear.

2. Is there a need for special care?

It is not recommended that you wear fiber jewelry while bathing or swimming.  While it will not damage the jewelry to get it wet repeated exposure to chemicals could affect the and integrity of the cord.  Additionally, repeated exposure to rough or sharp surfaces could fray or cut the fibers.

3. Will the color fade?

As with any dyed fiber, over time the color may become less intense.  It is recommended that when not wearing a piece of fiber jewelry it is not stored where it will have repeated, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

4. How likely is it that a piece of fiber jewelry will fall apart?

It is no more likely that the knotting will come apart than it is with other jewelry.  In some respects my jewelry may be less likely to come apart.  Cords are attached to closed or soldered jump rings or fixed rings on standard jewelry components.  Pieces are generally constructed with as few separate cords as possible to minimize places where the piece could fail.  Also,I use more than one of the standard finishing/securing techniques at each end point to absolutely minimize the possibility of a failure of the piece.