Fall Colors Adjustable Macrame Necklace

Fall colors, falling leaves…lots of raking…unless you’re wearing this adjustable macrame necklace.  Leaves of rust and gold cascade down one side of a golden cabochon.  More leaves falling down the back or around the base of the neck.  A beaded macrame bead holds it all together and adds its own extra touch.  A touch of fall that can be worn year round.


Fall Colors Adjustable Macrame Necklace

Fall colors adjustable necklace has a golden cabochon set in a rich dark brown nylon cord and a gold accent of silk cord.  The cabochon is 40 x 28 mm.  There is a cluster of leaves cascading down the left side of the setting in gold and rust silk cord.

The dark brown nylon cords are approximately 13 inches long and the leaves at the end of the cord add about another 1.5 inches. The necklace is secured by a beaded macrame bead. The cords easily move through the bead to adjust the length of the pendant.  However, once adjusted,the length remains constant.

The “end caps” of three leaves add extra decoration down the back. Alternately, they can be pulled over the shoulder to add interest to the neckline.  The beaded macrame bead provides additional embellishment.  It can be in the back or on the side to add extra decoration at the neckline.



Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 3 in