Witch Hat Macrame Earrings


Which house were you sorted into?  Here’s a whimsical and attractive way to show off your colors.  Not in a house – no problem!  You can still show you’re magical with witch hat earrings in the more traditional Halloween colors.

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Witch hat macrame earrings are a three dimensional design.  The hat is one inch high with a diameter of about one inch at the bottom.Each pair of the witch hat macrame earrings has either the colors of one of the four wizarding school houses or more traditional Halloween colors.

Handcrafted argentium sterling silver fishhook ear wires have closed loops.  The 3 ply nylon cord is affixed to the loop and the design is worked from there.  The spiraling out design is firm enough to hold its shape. Yet it is flexible enough at the “brim” to create a flair and give the hat some attitude.

Every effort to accurately render the colors of each piece, however, their appearance my vary on different devices.

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red-gold, green-silver, blue-bronze, yellow-black, orange, purple